Maafa – the Catastrophe part III

Fragment of Memory Test Print - 8.5"x11" Blue Van Dyke on rice paper


Castle of my skin became my most in depth, challenging and complex effort to address my perception of the lingering effects of the transatlantic slave trade on present society’s psyche. I anchored my feet firmly into the fertile terrain of Caribbean literature and scholarship to find the words that were filled with the emotion that I needed to express. I dug into the immaculate skin of academia to reach the bloody innards, bloated and fat from unmentionable, ill-gained profits. I unearthed Delia and her companions, fellow specimens in a cryptic pseudo-scientific study, and transformed them to heroic protagonists in my tale of tragedy and triumph, a tale of endurance and the resistance of remembering. This tale is written in shades of faded, mottled blue, aged by the relentless waves of erasure and loss, sustained through verbal and visual recall. It is an ongoing work.

“I will not still my voice, I have too much to claim” – Martin Carter


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